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Effective with September classes Bev Hiller is
the Director of Education. Diane Hall is the Editor of The Journal of the Computer Club.

  The last day to signup and pay for class is the day before class begins. Register at the Computer Lab Monday through Saturday 12:30 to 5:00 PM

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Some of our Classes

Introduction to Word
Runs from 9:00 am – 12 noon
$10 Members     $15 Non-members

 Microsoft Word® is the premier word processing programming of today. It is feature-rich and to some that makes it intimidating.  You can learn to tame that beast if you learn some basic word processing principles and concepts. Learn how to better control the appearance of your documents. Whether you need to create letters, agendas, telephone lists, or newsletters, you will find that Word gives you power and control over line spacing, paragraph spacing, indentations, bulleted lists, and much more. With a single click, you can totally change the appearance of you document. You will appreciate that it is not just a “glorified typewriter.”
Instructor is Rod Rodriques.

Buying a Computer - Choices, Choices, Choices
Runs from 9:00 am – 10 noon
$5 Members     $5 Non-members

  Making choices among computers are becoming more confusing as the boundaries between the different types of devices have become blurred.  There are laptops that convert into tablets and tablets that convert into laptops and don’t forget the all-in-one desktops that don’t need a separate monitor.
This mini-class is a lecture which covers the decision of whether you need a new PC, the minimum hardware you should buy, the pros and cons of various hardware choices (Desktop, Laptop, tablet), and information on PC components such as disk, memory, processor, monitor and software.  It will also discuss PC pricing and purchasing options.

 Convert Your Music to Digital Mp3 Music files for use on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet
Runs from 9:00 am – 12 noon
$10 Members     $15 Non-members

 The music that you enjoy on your CDs, Vinyl Records and Tapes can be easily converted to the mp3 (music) format to play on your computer, smartphone or tablet. This course will demonstrate how to “Rip” your CDs using your computer and Windows Media Player. Also, we will show you how to convert your Vinyl Records and/or Cassette or 8-track tapes to mp3 files using your computer, the Audacity software and a stereo system. The hardware needed for the conversion will be discussed and shown in diagrams and charts. The software needed to accomplish the conversion will be discussed. Step by step procedures will be reviewed for “ripping” CDs to mp3 files, and for converting Vinyl Records and Tapes to mp3 files. The software settings for Input Source, Format, Quality and File Naming will be shown and discussed for Windows Media Player and Audacity. Bring your favorite CD, or two, and we’ll rip the songs at the end of the class. Also, bring a flash memory device so you can take the songs home with you. Instructor is Phil Sorrentino.

 Basic Excel
Runs from 9:00 am – 12 noon
$10 Members     $15 Non-members

 Excel is a projection tool that can be effective to analyze your financial situation. Learn to function effectively using basic concepts in Excel. We will cover cell and cell contents, copying formulas using absolute and relative cell references, copying formulas down a column using data fill, and producing charts to visually represent your information.

 Backup Backup
Runs from 8:45 am – 12:00 noon
$10 Members     $15 Non-members

 “There are two kinds of disk drives, those that have crashed and those that are going to crash.” Almost no one does proper backups on their computers. Do not risk the loss of all your documents, pictures and videos. Backup! Backup! is a three-hour workshop on a backup method that combines a program called EaseUS ToDo Backup Free (did we mention it was FREE?) and a program called Goodsync ($29 one time). These programs will let you backup your entire computer and also quickly backup your file changes on a weekly basis. The result is a secure backup that protects your personal files and the computer system files in an easily recoverable backup system. At this workshop, you can learn on our computers or bring your own computers to class. We will install and set up the programs with you.

iPad/iPhone for Seniors
Runs from 9:00 am – 12 noon
$10 Members     $15 Non-members

 The iPad and the iPhone function the same, in most cases. Their portability makes them very handy for lots of things. You can check Email, carry your books and music around with you, and have fun playing games. In addition, you can adjust the size of the readable text on the screen. We will go through the iPad/IPhone settings to make your life easier and fun. Included will be Bluetooth, Siri, Dictation, Books (on the iPad), and more. This class could be used in conjunction with another class on how to get your music onto your computer and devices.
Prerequisites: You need to bring your fully charged iPad or iPhone to the workshop along with the charger and USB cord. It is presumed that your device is already set up for use.

Tuning Your PC Workshop
Runs from 9:00 am – 12 noon
$20 Members     $25 Non-members

 Is your PC or laptop running slow, long boot times, do you wait forever for web pages to come up? This workshop will teach you how to remove spyware, viruses, browser add-ons, bad registry entries, junk files, and other problems that slow down your system. You will work on your own computer and be able to see the results immediately. You will also receive a disk with the programs you will be using in the workshop. The workshop will begin at 9:00 a.m., so come a few minutes early to set up your computer. Only six slots will be available, so register early. Payment must be included with your registration

Introduction to File Explorer
Runs from 9:00 am – 12 noon
$10 Members     $15 Non-members

 Windows Explorer is the Windows built-in application that displays the contents of hard drives and folders. You use it to navigate all the folders and files on your computer. In this class you will learn to find, to save, to move, to copy, to delete and to rename files and folders on your hard drive or memory sticks. Learn more about storage, retrieval, file types and folders. You will learn how to use the Explorer search features. This class is a must for all Windows users.

Ipad/Iphone II The Next Level
Runs from 9:00 am – 12 noon
$10 Members     $15 Non-members

  For those who know basic iPad/iPhone, take it to the next level. Get and organize music and books on your device. Take photos and copy them to your computer. Bring your charging cable and a music CD to class. Use your camera on your iPad or iPhone before class so that you can learn how to find your photos and copy them.  Fully charge your device. It would also be good to bring a Thumb Drive with you as well.  If you do not have a thumb drive, you can get one at any store carrying electronics.

 Windows 10
Runs from 9:00 am – 12 noon
$10 Members     $15 Non-members

  This workshop is designed to familiarize you with Windows 10. In this class, we will be using the LAB computers to customize the start screen and play with some of the preinstalled apps on Windows10. Among other subjects we’ll cover antivirus, Microsoft accounts, Cortana, Edge, the Store, keyboard shortcuts, Control Panel vs. Settings, and snap & shake

 Basic Picture Management
Runs from 9:00 am – 12 noon
$10 Members     $15 Non-members

  A basic workshop of about 3 hours describing methods of transferring pictures from camera to computer; organizing and storing pictures; some basic editing functions and printing and other publications of your pictures.

 An Introduction to EXCEL 2013
Prerequisite: ‘Introduction to Computers’, given by the Computer Club or equivalent.
Runs from 9:00 am – 12 noon
$10 Members     $15 Non-members

  This is a class for beginners who are interested in spreadsheet Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software used to calculate financial information, and is development from design to implementation.
  used in a wide range of places, from individual households to Fortune 500 companies. In addition, the time needed to get the answer is greatly reduced by using Microsoft Excel. We will be using the LAB’s computers for this class.
In this lesson, we will cover spreadsheet definitions, layouts, data entry, number formats, mathematical operators, formulas, functions, cell alignments and worksheet management.  Several examples will be given, demonstrating formulas, sorting routines and spreadsheet enhancements. In class exercises and individual projects will be discussed.

Android Smartphones & Tablets
Runs from 9:00 am – 12 noon
$15 Members     $20 Non-members

 Tired of having to call your grandchild to figure out how to use some most of us can keep up with so this course is for you.
This course consists of two sessions. The first session will cover your device and its functionality of the functions of your phone or tablet? Well, don’t despair technology changes faster than while the second session will review all the fun apps that are available and will make your life simpler and, of course, more fun. Please remember to bring your fully charged android phone and / or tablet along with your charger and USB cord. If you have an Email or Facebook account be sure to bring your login and passwords.
1) The Device: On our first day, we will focus on the Android Operating System and the device itself. Features and settings will be reviewed and demonstrated. In addition, since connecting to the Internet is basic to the operation of these devices we will assist you in getting on line to use your phone or tablet.
2) Apps: Session two focuses on the Apps that make these devices do so many wonderful things. Basic apps such as the Google Play Store, Settings, Email, Calendar, Photos, Camera, and Maps will be discussed and demonstrated. Apps that expand the use of the device by using the “cloud”, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, GasBuddy, Waze, and Glympse, will also be discussed.

 Introduction to Computers
Four Week Class from 9:00 – 11 am
$20 Members     $25 Non-members

  This is a basic class for the beginner and we start with turning on the computer. We will use the LAB computers for this class. We’ll then cover what’s inside the box: mouse use, what’s a desktop and how to use it, and what’s in a window. Then, on to: how to create files and folders, how to use basic word processing, including cut/copy/paste commands, make and save a document and then being able to find it. We will also cover Email and searching the internet and finally; information on avoiding viruses and malware.

Removing the Veil on Attachments and Groups
Runs from 9:00 am – 10:30 noon
$5 Members     $10 Non-members

  This is a one-hour beginner class for students who have an existing Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, please visit the computer LAB before June 5 and a monitor will assist you in establishing an account. In addition, you must bring your Gmail Login name and Password to the class to allow you to log into your Gmail account. In this class, you will be using the LAB’s computers. Exercises will include samples of attaching common file types. These samples will be provided. You will create two contacts in Gmail and will use these contacts during the email Group exercises.
Join us for a 60 minute, hands-on journey to learn: 1.) What is an attachment and why use them. How to attach, download and save them to the desktop. 2.) What is a Group? Why use one? How to create, change, delete a group and/or group members.

 Facebook 101
Runs from 9:00 am – 12 noon
$10 Members     $15 Non-members

  This is a beginner’s class for those who already have a Facebook Account. If you do not have a Facebook account please visit the computer LAB before June 22nd and a monitor will assist you in establishing a new account. In addition, you must bring yourLogin and password to the class to gain access to your Facebook account. In this class, you will be using the LAB’s computers. In this class we will: 1) Personalize your profile & timeline;
2) Find and add friends and set up security;
3) Explain the interface and the icons on the left panel;
4) Searching using Facebook;
5) Explain secure messaging and chatting, find out what family and friends are up to;
6) Add friends and create groups, attend events and celebrating birthdays;
7) Add photos and tag the photos, view and share videos, explore news feeds, and update family and friends;
8) What to post and what not to post, link pages from companies and public figures;
9) Manage your Facebook account.