The Computer Club

Intro to Computers

FOUR DATES: February 3th, 10th, 17th, 24th.

This is a basic class for the beginner and we start with turning on the computer. We will use the LAB computers for this class. We’ll then cover what’s inside the box: mouse use, what’s a desktop and how to use it, and what’s in a window. Then, on to: how to create files and folders, how to use basic word processing, including cut/copy/paste commands, make and save a document and then being able to find it. We will also cover Email and searching the internet and finally; information on avoiding viruses and malware. Your instructor is John Husinka


9:00 am - 11:00  in the Computer Club Classroom
Tuition $20 (members) $25 (non-members) payable upon registration.

Backup! Backup!

2 Classes are offered: Thursday February, 8th or Thursday, February 22th

“There are two kinds of disk drives, those that have crashed and those that are going to crash.”
Almost no one does proper backups on their computers. Do not risk the loss of all your documents, pictures and videos. Backup! Backup! is a three-hour workshop on a backup method that combines a program called EaseUS ToDo Backup Free (did we mention it was FREE?) and a program called Goodsync ($29 one time fee). These programs will let you backup your entire computer and also quickly backup your file changes on a weekly basis. The result is a secure backup that protects your personal files and the computer system files in an easily recoverable backup system. At this workshop, you can learn on our computers or bring your own computers to class. We will install and set up the programs with you. Your Instructor is Don Shuttleworth.

8:45 am - 12:00 noon  in the Computer Club Classroom
Tuition $10 (members) $15 (non-members) payable upon registration.

Facebook 101

Monday February, 12th

This is a beginner’s class for those who already have a Facebook Account.
If you do not have a Facebook account please visit the computer LAB before November 27th and a monitor will assist you in establishing a new account. In addition, you must bring your Log-in and password to the class to gain access to your Facebook account. In this class, you will be using the LAB’s computers.

In this class we will 1) Personalize your profile & timeline; 2) Find and add friends and set up security; 3) Explain the interface and the icons on the left panel; 4) Searching using Facebook; 5) Explain secure messaging and chatting, find out what family and friends are up to; 6) Add friends and create groups, attend events and celebrating birthdays; 7) Add photos and tag the photos, view and share videos, explore news feeds, and update family and friends; 8) What to post and what not to post, link pages from companies and public figures; 9) Manage your Facebook account. Your Instructor is Don Shuttleworth.

9:00 am - 12:00  in the Computer Club Classroom
Tuition $10 (members) $15 (non-members) payable upon registration

Windows 10 Workshop

This workshop is completed in two sittings
Tuesday, February, 13th and Thursday, February 15th

Windows 10 is the new refined operating system that many people are talking about. This workshop is designed to familiarize you with Windows 10. In this class, we will be using the LAB computers to customize the start screen and play with some of the preinstalled apps on Windows10. Among other subjects we’ll cover antivirus, Microsoft accounts, Cortana, Edge, the Store, keyboard shortcuts, Control Panel vs. Settings, and snap & shake. Your instructors are: Mark Morris and Mary Boyes.

9:00 am - 11:00 am  in the Computer Club Classroom
Tuition $10 (members) $15 (non-members) payable upon registration

Moving Your Pictures from Your iPhone or iPad

Wednesday, February, 14th

This 1 ½ hour class will provide you with an easy way to get your pictures from your device to your computer. Bring your fully charged iPhone or iPad loaded with your pictures, along with a USB flash drive, to the classroom and learn the magic required to access and move your pictures to a computer. Please be sure you know your Apple ID and Password. If you do not have a flash drive, you can obtain one at the Electronics department of Walmart. Your instructor is Rod Rodrigues

9:00 am - 10:30  in the Computer Club Classroom
Tuition $5 (members) $10 (non-members) payable upon registration

Should I Buy a Chromebook?

Friday, February, 16th

Chromebooks are an alternative way to use computers. A Chromebook is a laptop that uses Google’s Chrome operating system instead of Windows 10.

Chromebooks can do anything on the web that you can do on a PC browser. So, you can get your email, visit websites, create documents and spreadsheets, print, play games, do your banking, keep your calendar, watch movies and do all this in on a secure computer with a simpler and more straightforward interface than Windows 10. For most seniors, a Chromebook has the capacity to do anything that we want it to do.

Chromebooks are generally less expensive than PCs with some available for less than $200.

The instructor will demonstrate the features of a Chromebook so that you will understand its capabilities and limitations. Chromebooks are an ideal holiday gift. Your instructor is Matt Batt

9:00 am - 10:30  in the Computer Club Classroom
Tuition $5 (members) $10 (non-members) payable upon registration

Tuning Your PC Workshop

Tuesday, February, 20th

Never hire someone to tune up your computer again. This workshop will teach you how to speed up the running of your computer or laptop, remove spyware, viruses, browser add-ons, bad registry entries, junk files, and other problems that slow down your system. You will work on your own computer and will see the results immediately. You will also receive complete documentation along with either a disk or flash drive with all the programs you will be using in the workshop.

Please remember to bring your computer or laptop to the class along with your power supply. The workshop will begin at 8:30 a.m. so that we can set up your computer before the class. Only six slots will be available, so register early. Payment must be included with your registration. Your Instructor is Mark Morris.

8:30 am - 12:00  in the Computer Club Classroom
Tuition $20 (members) $25 (non-members) payable upon registration

Introduction to File Explorer

Friday, February 23rd

This class is a must for all Windows users. File Explorer is the Windows built in application that provides the user with the ability to: create, copy, move delete, rename, and search for files and folders on your hard drive, flash memory sticks, and the cloud. Additionally, File Explorer allows you to accomplish these tasks easily and conveniently by dragging and dropping files and folders to other locations. In this class, you will learn these new and other easy ways to achieve success. You will also learn more about storage, retrieval, file types and folders and how to use Explorer’s search features. We will be using the LAB’s computers in this class. Your instructor is Phil Sorrentino.

9:00 am - 12:00  in the Computer Club Classroom
Tuition $10 (members) $15 (non-members) payable upon registration

Buying a Computer - Choices, Choices, Choices

Tuesday, February 27th

Oh no, your computer is acting up; it freezes, it’s extremely slow, some functions are no longer working and you cannot obtain software for your outdated system. While you have worked tirelessly to clean the system of malware, viruses, and spyware it still is not functioning properly; plus, you find that it needs several upgrades to run Windows 10 as well.

It’s time to begin the dreaded research process that comes when you have decided to make a new computer purchase. There are hundreds of companies and thousands of choices. Additionally, the lingo is confusing and it changes regularly as new features are added to systems.

So, why does one reviewer love a machine while another hate it? Should I buy online? Do I need an extended warranty? This mini-class will cover PC components such as: the disk, memory, processor, monitor and software and will help you take your first step in becoming an educated consumer. Your Instructor is Linda Grabowski

9:00 am - 11:00  in the Computer Club Classroom
Tuition $5 (members) $10 (non-members) payable upon registration

Managing Investments with Excel

Wednesday, February 28th

This 1.5-hour workshop will build on your basic Excel knowledge by reinforcing your skills with formulas, functions, and formatting. Using fictitious stocks we will create a spreadsheet with sample holdings including stock symbols, number of shares and price paid. We will calculate the cost basis and the starting portfolio value. Then we will enter pretend market values to calculate the current portfolio value and create a gain/loss report. Finally, we will enter additional share purchases to calculate the new account value.

Students are expected to have a basic understanding of Excel including how to navigate rows, columns, save and retrieve workbooks. Your instructor is Kathy Vitale.

9:00 am - 10:30  in the Computer Club Classroom
Tuition $5 (members) $10 (non-members) payable upon registration

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